The Joke’s on You, John

Ever messed up so bad that you hope no one EVER finds out about it? Like if they only knew, man you’d just die on the spot. I’m reflecting on John Crist’s recent announcement that he has “sinned against God” and what I can take from this…I mean I just died of laughter less than a week ago when I went to his “Immature Thoughts” show in Lexington. Now the only thing that is looking dead is your image, John. You just made yourself the butt of the joke.

I ask myself and really so should anyone else that is informed and educated on the matter: what makes me different from John? Sure he’s famous and I’m not. He makes a lot of money I’m sure but here’s the deal – nothing makes me different than him. I am John. I’m so John I’m the biggest butt of the joke and my anaconda don’t want none! My flesh is screaming “I AM JOHN!!” One of his famous sayings is “check your heart” which even became a song. I’m not asking John to do this, I’m asking everyone else to that is judging this poor dude when we should be applauding him.

Sure it’s not the standing O he’s looking for, he probably won’t see that spotlight on him for a while during this time he’s in the rabbit hole. But I applaud his vulnerability- his willingness to say “I HAVE SINNED! I have screwed up.” How easy would it have been for him to have kept this part of his life in the dark? To portray a picture of someone who is outwardly idolized but inwardly just rotten tomatoes. As people become stunned over this revelation, I ask why? Did we think that fame and money came with perfection? Last time I checked we all have to wipe our ass so why are we acting like this guy doesn’t poop?

I think back to the least of the rich and famous of bible characters…the woman at the well. This girl wasn’t much – I mean Jesus called her out for her 5 husbands, yikes! Talk about wanting to crawl into a hole or jump in the well. But you know what Jesus had for her? Grace, mercy, love. I mean that he even acknowledged her was pretty huge – let alone he gave her living water.

Or what about the woman caught in adultery in John 8? The Pharisees (holier than thous) brought her to Jesus to be stoned for what she had done. I love this Jesus right here – I feel him on a whole other level. He says “let any one of you that is without sin cast the first stone.” He said what???? He looked at these idolized figures, know-it-all Christians with their rules and regulations and basically said this home girl represents you! They couldn’t see their own sin because they were too busy looking at hers. How many times do we do that? It’s time to check your doorstep before sweeping someone else’s.

I’ve said before and many times since that if I followed Jesus based on people, I wouldn’t have anything to do with it. I look to Christ not Crist as my example, my all in all. Because here’s the deal folks, we are human and we will fail and fall short. That is the cold hard truth but relief to some that are aiming for perfection. You can use the excuse of hypocritical, judgmental “Christians” keeping you from following Jesus but we follow Jesus, not people. Remember that.

My prayers are for all of us Johns out there. May we acknowledge and bring forth our sin. For it is then that we will be set free.

Keeping It Real 100%

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