It’s Critical You Stop Criticizing, “Christian”

I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw some negative feedback about author Rachel Hollis. I’ve never read one of her books but I have listened to a podcast of hers. She was such a REAL woman talking about REAL struggles. And she is a Christian — referenced who God says she is multiple times per the BIBLE. So why do I see 2 negative comments from 2 women criticizing her work when I guarantee they haven’t even read her book?! Check yourself here…is it because she’s successful and people are buying what she’s selling? That doesn’t make her a bad person. Last time I checked we were all on the same team in the “Christian” world but that’s actually the problem I want to talk about…I am so sick of the critical Christian.

You wanna talk about everything that’s WRONG – critical about mega churches, the lighting, the choice of music, no hymns, how much money the pastor makes, etc. What I wanna know is what in the world does that have to do with YOUR salvation? Why you analyzing everything else but your own heart? Your own actions? Stop judging every little thing that everyone else is doing and work out your own salvation boo. I will say one thing – I don’t go to church for the people. People have disappointed and judged me as I have them (preaching to myself as well). But Jesus never has. Have I been angry and not understood his plan? Yep. But I’m not about to go around being critical of everyone else when I haven’t walked a minute in their shoes. I have had to learn to give myself grace in the last 15 months of my life – and I’m working on extending that to others as well.

I’m literally SICK of the critical Christian. Ain’t nobody can win in your all’s eyes. Y’all are the kind of people trying to reach each other – don’t dare go outside your circle for the true lost, hurt, broken, the outcast. Being a Christian ain’t about being comfortable! And it sure ain’t about sitting on social media and trolling Christian “celebrities” successes. And for goodness sake women, we are our own worst critics as it is, start banding together and stop tearing each other down!

Believe me when I say I am a continuous work in progress. I pray often that God checks my heart and intentions. I know I will never ever be perfect. I just cannot stand by and watch “Christians” continue to act like this. Makes me sick. I’m thankful I knew Jesus and established that relationship before I saw how some “Christians” were…otherwise I’m not sure I would be buying what the church was selling either. You are the church people, the bride of Christ…act like it.


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